Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday Flab Fighting Without A Diet

I hate diets.  Diets are fattening.  A calorie counting, exact food plan diet, does not work for me.  I worked out a better way to maintain or lose weight. This series of blog posts is a way to share my weight loss tips.

A weight gain during the holidays this year is not acceptable.  I wish to lose some weight now, not gain more.  I have been looking up things to help me with this goal and realized that there must be lots of other people out there who do not want to gain weight in the holidays either.  This blog post will share useful things to help with that goal for all of us.

The first way to not gain weight is to shrink your stomach so you won't need to eat as much to feel satisfied.  I do that by fasting.  I am not talking about 40 days in the desert here, just a little bit.  It will shrink your stomach with a little fast of even one day.  Some people I know have reasons why they can't do a regular fast.  

There are all kinds of fasts. You can do a juice fast, where you only drink juices for however long your goal is.  You can only eat fruits and veggies for a fast or a no carbohydrates fast.  You can do a combination.  There are other kinds too.
Just check with your doctor if you have any health problems first.  
I like to stick to one day fasts  lately.  If I feel the need for more.  I fast a day and then eat normally for a while and then do another day later.

Something that works well for me is to flush myself out with a single fruit diet the day before the actual fast.  I don't like food sitting inside me rotting for the duration of my fast and this usually happens if no new food comes in to push out the old.

Extra fluids are necessary for fasting.  You will probably lose a little weight during a fast and that releases toxins from the fat that burns up.   Pesticides on the food that you eat and other bad stuff gets stored in body fat and when that fat goes all that junk in that fat comes out in your system.   

Some people have been known to have strange effects from this, including hallucinations.  Extra fluids, especially water, help get this junk out of you faster so it won't bother you so much.

Another advantage of fasting is that it helps you to remember what hunger feels like.  Most Americans do not know what it feels like to actually be hungry and we mostly eat for emotional and other reasons.  We get some twinge in our belly and interpret it as hunger and a signal to eat.  A reminder of what hunger really feels like makes it easier to ignore something that is not hunger.  You are less likely to eat when you don't really need to.

This blog post is getting too long, so I will continue tomorrow with how to exercise to make up for any holiday goodies you do eat and still not gain weight.

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